06 January 2018

New Year, New Knitting

I have noted that my knitting has really slowed down the last several months. I notice this because I also notice that I miss it. Quiet evenings with my records or a podcast, knitting away, used to be common. Those solitary peaceful evenings are much more seldom these days for several reasons. I work mostly evening shifts at my current job and when I am home, it's rarely quiet. Not to be complainey (well a little complainey), the fact is I share a teeny living space with a person who likes to watch a lot of loud TV. He finds it relaxing. I find it jangly. In warm weather I sit on the balcony and pretend I am not dangling in the sky by keeping my eyes locked on my project. In winter, it's more difficult.

There is a solution. We have a few common spaces in our condo that people rarely use. I have sometimes packed up my tea, mp3 player and knitting and taken myself off to one of them for an hour or so.  It's a bit of trouble but I think I need to do it more often in the new year to preserve my sanity.

I finally started the sleeves on my Bombus!

Knitting can always be a learning experience. That's one of the best things about it. Notice the awesome tidy edge on the ribbing? It's because I learned a new cast-off. It's not a fancy or difficult technique. You just do a yarn over before the purl stitch, then pass over both that yarn over and the previous knit stitch. It creates more stretch and that beautiful straight edge. Even as I was doing it, I was excited about the result. It's so great when it all feels fresh again, isn't it?

Laundered my socks yesterday. See?
Continuous knitting results in warm knitwear.

31 December 2017

End of Year

Goodbye 2017. It is now 5pm our time Deceber 31. My lover is making us a delicious dinner and soon we will toast the New Year. What are you doing?

It's been a hectic holiday season with fractured family all about there is much driving and visiting to be done. Every year I wonder if it's worth it.

Yet, when I stop my complaining and really take a still moment, I see just how much I have to be grateful for in this past year. I took part in the Fight for $15 and Fairness, a movement that got raises and better working conditions for 1.6 million people starting tomorrow. So Amazing!

I travelled across the Atlantic for the first time this year. See me being happy in London in the photo above? The picture was taken by my friend Victor who I hadn't seen in 5 years and with whom we spent a wonderful day. That's pretty special. 

We also did spend some holiday time with those we love and who love us. The beautiful members of The Workers' Action Centre hosted a fun holiday party. There was potluck dinner and dancing to Elvis with families I've known since The Daughter's pre-school days. There was wine and risotto with some, wine and mussels with others, wine and lasagna, wine and beef stew. Food and company.

And then there's this one. My relationship with The Daughter is a source of great joy to me and I think maybe to her too. I'm so happy she is making the transition into independant adulthood while still being my friend. She even likes my knitting and sent me this photo of her wearing the Antler Hat I made her for Christmas.

There's also this one. He loves me. He doesn't just say it, he actually practices it. How wonderful to be in an adult loving partnership that we both treasure and care for. And to think it only took 50 years to find him.

Not bad, right? If that's all there ever is, that would be enough. I do feel there's more good coming though and I hope to be open to it when it arrives.

Happy New Year everyone.

21 December 2017

And A Hat

So The Daughter saw a sample in the yarn store and declared "Make this for me for Christmas! I promise to act surprised when I open it".

It's The Antler Hat and the yarn is a delicious worsted by Lichen and Lace. 

The clouds and the cat worked together to ensure a photography fail.

18 December 2017

A Sock for Now

I am still editing my London trip photos. I know that other people's vacation shots can be dull so I promise to to keep the album brief.

In the meantime, let's enjoy some knitting shall we? My knitting and (knit blogging) has slowed considerably but has not altogether stopped. I finished a Christmas gift hat the other day and the body of my latest cardi is done as well. 

There's also a sock. Isn't there always a sock on the go? Once again I find myself knitting a pattern by Evelyn A. Clark. This one is Go With the Flow Socks. It's an easily memorized stitch that produces a simple yet elegant looking fabric.

The yarn is "Sassy" by Mt. Rutsen Studio and this is the single skein I purchased on my trip to Rhinebeck in 2014. It's a BFL/nylon blend and it feels like a knitted hug. I'm enjoying so much working with it. The colour is perfect for winter.

Nice photos right? I took them on Friday at a local pub after calming down fron a big panic attack. My anxiety and panic disorder has lessened considerably as I've aged but it still pops up now and again. So when I found myself standing on the sidewalk, numb and hyper-ventilating I knew i needed a quiet place. I went into the warm pub, ordered a sandwich and then knit and knit until I felt better.
See? Always good to have a sock on the go.

11 December 2017

London: The Yarn

On vacation, as with everything else, sometimes you have to be flexible. There were midweek plans consisting of taking the tube to Camden Passage for shopping at Loop of London in the morning. Then a second tube trip was meant to do some sight seeing further north. Unfortunately the morning involved lots of tea and me ill in bed with killer cramps well past noon. After rallying, plans were amended. We headed to Camden where yes, I did see the lovely Loop, as well as various vintage shops and stalls. I bought a costume jewellry brooch from the 50's and a pretty skirt from the 70's. We even managed to fit in an actual pub meal - ale, steak and mushroom pie, and mashed potatoes that were more butter than potato. Mmmm.

It was a shortened day but a nice one. We spent the evening watching tv in our suite. I'm glad that we didn't force ourselves into a strict schedule. Sometimes it's about the company as much as the content. 

The window next to the cash at Loop. The garland and the greenery with the white window framework was one of the prettiest sights of the day.

I wish I had gotten a better photo of these scarves. They are teeny tiny crocheted granny squares done in silk that's only slightly heavier than thread. So beautiful. Elegant crochet? Who knew?

One can't go to the UK without buying Shetland wool. At least I think so. I want to make some sort of shawlette with this Jamieson's DK. The skirt I was wearing that day has this palette and I was just feeling the combination. I'm thinking triangular with striped garter in 2 or 3 of the colours and a complicated border that incorporates them all.